Tuesday, March 14, 2006

House 3: Rehab Questions From Handyman

I got an email from my handyman last night with a couple questions about how to handle some issues. The questions and my responses are below.

The outlet by the kitchen counter has burned wires and the wire are too short to install a new GFCI outlet. New wires should be pulled. What would you like to do?
Based on the other electrical issues you've found and mentioned below, I'll get an electrician out there to do this. Please mark which outlet this is.

In the addition, there are 4 outlets that the wiring is too short to change the outlets. These could be left as is or we could pull new wire. Advise.
If the outlets look OK, we can keep them. If they are broken or have burn marks on them, mark them and I'll have the electrician fix them. My goal in replacing the outlets was to make them look nice, so if they look OK, there is no need to replace them.

Do you want to keep the shelving in the laundry room?

Did you find the light switch for the laundry room?

The paneling in the fireplace room does not have drywall behind it. Do you want to drywall over the paneling or leave it alone?
Let's drywall over it.

On the wall where the cabinets were removed, there is some romex wire sticking through the wall and it is live. Do you want to put a light there? Terminate the wire?
Terminate the wire.

There is a leak in the ceiling at the ceiling fan in the front room. Do you want me to locate this?
Go ahead and try. Don't spend more than a day trying to find it though. If you can't find it, I've got a roof guy I can call.

There is a light fixture in the addition off of the kitchen that has a missing globe. Do you want this fixture replaced? New globe?
A new globe is fine.

I am not sure how you numbered the bedrooms, but as you look down the hallway bedroom #1 is on the left, bedroom #2 is the next on the left, and #3 is on the right. There is an electrical problem in bedroom #1 & #2. Three of the outlets have the wiring backwards (standard is black = hot & white = common), meaning that the problem is else where. These are wired in a series. Do you want me to trouble shoot this problem?
I numbered them the same as you are. I'll have the electrician look at these.

The tub drain is also plugged. Do you want me to take care of this?
Yes please.

There are three ceiling fans in the house. One in the front room, one in bedroom #1, and one in bedroom #2. The one in bedroom #2 does not work. The one in bedroom #1 is the same style as the front room. You asked for tow to be replaced. Which two?
The one that doesn't work in bedroom 2 and the one in bedroom 1. Leave the one in the front room as is.

The light in bedroom #3 does not have a globe. Do you want to replace this with the same style as we did for the laundry room and kitchen?
Yes please.

The front door locks are not working correctly all of the time, would you like these replaced and keyed the same as the lock that is already installed?
I'm not sure what you are referring too. I've already had a locksmith out there who rekeyed everything. I know the "deadbolt" lock on the door is a bit tight. The latch doesn't catch very much. That one couldn't be on the same key as the other locks because the lock was made by a different manufacturer.

What color do you want the kitchen counter top?
Beige or tan, anything neutral.

What color of vinyl tile do you want?
White or off-white.

What color of paint for the inside?

What color of paint for the outside?
I don't really care. Brown, tan. Again, something neutral that blends in with the neighborhood.

Last weekend, we just had our first rain in 143 days. It rained for almost 24 hours straight and I was wondering if any leaks would be found in the roof.

It sounds like some good progress is being made. When I meet the electrician out there, I'll take a look at things. I do like the fact that this guy uses email. It's easy for me and everything is in writing, so nothing should be forgotten (hopefully).

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