Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Weed Issue & Electrician Scheduled

I got a call from the City Of Phoenix's Solid Waste Division regarding weeds in the alley behind House 3. Apparently, the city has been mailing notices to the house since the beginning of February (which is before I owned the place) about having too many weeds in the alley behind the house. The alley is where the trash cans are placed and where the trash trucks drive to collect the garbage. If the weeds are not taken care of by Monday, they will start issuing citations.

I just called my handyman and spoke with him. He actually walked out into the alley and said things didn't look too bad, but he would trim them back tomorrow and let me know when he is done, so I can tell the city the problem has been fixed.

I've also scheduled the electrician to be out there Tuesday morning at 7 AM to fix the outlet issues the handyman identified.

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