Saturday, June 28, 2008

Roof Problems

The roof on Rental #1 is quickly becoming a big problem. Got this email from my agent today:

Termite damage under the house to the supporting rafters. Around $2600 to repair/replace, buyer has enough to do this himself. Roof has 3 layers on it. Original layer is wood shingles, two are composition shingles.

Inspector did notice some shingles missing on one side of house, suggested we try to get insurance claim as you know. He informed the buyer that he should get a bid on roof due to fact this could create some problems in future and insurance coverage could be one of those problems. We have sent two roofing companies we use out to get estimates, both have come back with the comments that the roof is not showing any leakage nor missing enough shingles and their thoughts are the insurance will probably reject any claim. The roof is still a problem. It does have some areas that are caving due to the weight of the layers and the fact that wood shingles are attached to the rafters, not to deckboard, so adding the age of original roof and the 2 layers of composition shingles, this is why the sagging is occurring.

This is creating a new problem for the buyer. He will have trouble getting insured and he does not have enough money to cover the problems underneath the house and the roof, which is going to run around $7,000-$8,000 to tear out completely and replace properly. He was told this by a roofer he called out and was confirmed by our two roofers.

I do want to get out of this house and now I am facing the prospect that insurance may not cover the repairs. Looks like the buyer and I will be going back to the negotiating table soon.

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