Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pointless Contract Verbiage

The buyers for my Rental #1 had the inspection done and they found a couple of things. There is some roof damage that appears to have been caused by the storms on June 4. Some floor joists are rotten and need to be replaced and there are some other minor issues. The buyer is willing to do all the repairs except for the roof. My agent suggests that I file a claim with my insurance to get the roof repaired.

Now, you may recall this offer was as-is. My agent said the buyer was still within their inspection window and could back out of the contract based on the inspection results. So I asked my agent, if the buyer can still request I make repairs and can still back out of the contract and get their deposit back if I don't make the repairs, what exactly does as-is mean? She had no satisfactory answer. I don't feel I really have the standing to fight this. The contract did state that, even though it was an as-is offer, the buyer still had the right to inspect the property. When I read this, I thought it meant they still had the right to enter the property before the close of escrow to inspect it. Apparently, other parties feel it means they still have the right to cancel based on the inspection results. In other words, the words as-is in the offer are meaningless. It ambiguous enough that I don't want to bother fighting it.

My insurance deductible is $1,000. We're going to call the insurance agent and have them send someone out to look at the roof and see if it warrants filing a claim. If it does, we are going to ask the buyers to split my deductible with me.

Looks like we definitely will not make our July 2 close of escrow date. I hope we can close before July 15 though, so I don't have to make another mortgage payment.

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