Monday, August 21, 2006

Bonus Cash!

I spent the weekend in Las Vegas, where I won about $500. Unfortunately, my wife lost the same amount, so it was a push overall. Still, it's good to come back from Vegas with the same amount of money as when I left!

But the bonus cash I am talking about is not from Sin City. It's from Security Union Title Company. When I checked my mail when I got back into town, I had a refund check for $44 from this title company. The accompanying letter says the refund is a result of an investigation by several states into the reinsuring practices of the company to "captive reinsurers." They claim the reinsurance agreements did not increase the title premium and without it, the charge would have been the same. Hmm.. Really? Then why are they paying refunds? And doesn't calling them refunds imply they were over-charging in the first place?

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