Thursday, July 20, 2006

House 3: Still In One Piece (Updated)

I stopped by the property this morning and it is still in good shape. I think two things are helping keep the vandals at bay: the padlocks I put on the back gate and all the construction going on in the neighborhood. The construction has caused some streets to be closed and I had to take a rather circuitous route to get to the property. I'm glad the house is under contract now. Viewings for buyers would probably be low due to the construction.

I still have not received an official Buyer's Inspection Notice yet. Technically, this means the buyer isn't asking me to fix anything the inspection turned up. However, I am wondering if everything is ok with my agent. I haven't seen her online recently and she hasn't responded to my email of a couple days ago. Both things are rather unusual. I called her this morning and got her voicemail, so I am still a bit up in the air.

Update: Heard from my agent, who is on vacation. She has a friend checking her fax daily, however, and she has not received anything yet. The buyer has 10 days from contract acceptance to notify us of what they want fixed and that deadline is fast approaching. In fact, I signed the final counter offer on the 10th. My agent hasn't faxed me the seller-signed copy of the counter offer, so I don't know when they signed that. We gave them until the 11th to sign it and I've got a post here dated the 12th, saying the house was sold, so I'm guessing they only have 1 or 2 days to get us the form. Otherwise, I don't have to fix anything!

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