Friday, July 28, 2006

House 3: Looking Good

I received another addendum today from the buyer that details the air conditioning info and purchase price increase I talked about earlier. The lender also wanted the contract to include instructions to the escrow company that the $2,500 be made payable only to an air conditioner licensed contractor. Apparently the lender doesn't want the borrower to get any cash back at closing. It doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I was also told that the lender had requested a final list of charges, which means they are working on finalizing loan docs. This is good!

The buyer's mortgage broker today also mentioned to my agent that the termite inspection report indicated some dirt around the base of the house that should be moved and said we "would have to address that." "Excuse me," my agent told him, "but that should have been addressed during your inspection period. We're not doing anything about it." She suggested he pay for someone to move the dirt. He said he'd get back to us on that. Tough luck fella. Contracts have deadlines for this very reason.

Closing is scheduled for one week from today!

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