Thursday, February 2, 2006

A Deal Via Email

I got home from my day job yesterday and found an interesting email waiting for me. The sender had a house under contract and was looking to assign the contract to an investor. The package I was sent was very well put together - it included color pictures of the property (inside and out), property address, assessor parcel number, building details, comps (both recently closed sales and active listings), a list of repairs / improvements that need to be done to the property, and the selling price. The sale needs to be completed within 9 days - not a problem for me. The numbers looked good, so I called the sender. Unfortunately, I found out there was already someone else interested in the property, so I'll only get this one if the other party decides to pass on it. Bummer.

The email was sent at 11 AM but I didn't pick it up until about 6 PM. I'd hate to miss out on more deals like this, so I've modified my email program to alert me as soon as mail arrives, no matter where I am. But the good news is deals are starting to flow to me!

As a reminder, I am always looking for birddogs in the greater Phoenix area! And if you are birddogging, the info package I received from this sender is exactly the type of information I look for to evaluate a deal. I couldn't have put it together better myself!

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