Thursday, May 8, 2008

Old PM Company Still Causing Problems

Bryan Properties, the property management company that I fired last month, is still causing me problems. I checked my P.O. Box today and found they had forwarded a bill to me from the City Of Tulsa - the electric bill. The due date on the bill is April 21, so it is now overdue. Let's look at the timeline:

The bill was printed on March 28. I fired Bryan Properties on April 4. That's just one week after the bill was printed. OK, it's possible they didn't get the bill before I fired them. So when did they forward the bill to me? The postmark on their letter is May 1. They sat on the bill for a full month. To make matters worse, they had a $250 maintenance deposit from me. I just received that refund today as well and the date on the refund check is April 28. So they could have paid the bill using my own money, but they didn't even do that.

On the other hand, if they had been receiving monthly electric bills the whole time the property was empty, they were paying them with their own money. The bill was only about $20, but the place was empty for over 5 months, so that's over a hundred dollars they did not charge me. I got my full deposit back. So I get hit with a 1% late fee, which amounts to about 20 cents and I saved over $100. Sometimes their ineptitude works in my favor. This is all assuming they were being billed, that is.

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