Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Property Management Company To Avoid

It's been 2 weeks since I faxed my property management company. Despite my written request and several phone calls, I have not received the written confirmation of the management agreement cancellation that I asked for. I needed this so the new management company could take over. Without it, I have to wait out the 30 day period specified in the contract. Because the current company is not making any money from me when the property is empty, there is really no reason for them not to provide this letter. A simple two sentence letter would work fine:

Mr. Xxxx,

This letter is to confirm the management agreement between us for the property located at ### Xxxx St. in Tulsa is canceled per your request. The keys and deposits are being handled per your instructions.

That's all it would take. About 3 minutes work to type, print and fax. But, according to the woman I spoke to, they "just don't do that." That's the only reason they offered, despite the fact that I explained that they are not losing any money by allowing an early cancellation. The only logical explanation for their refusal to do this is spite. The owner refuses to take my calls, so I am unable to hear her side of the story. One might imagine that they might be making one last push to try to get it rented during the 30 days cancellation period and salvage some money out of the deal. However, the property is no longer listed on their website, so even that excuse doesn't stand up. The only explanation for their behavior that is left is pettiness.

So, if anyone has properties in the Tulsa area and is considering using Bryan Properties to manage them, I suggest you first read about my experiences with them. Then I strongly urge you to consider using a different company.

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