Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rental #1 Closing On Monday

I got the HUD for my Tulsa property today and, surprisingly, I didn't find any errors on it! I think that's a first! Assuming it's okay with the seller, we're going to move the closing up to Monday instead of the 28th.

On another note, another one of my arbitrage plays paid off today. Picked up 20 shares of HQSM back in December for 21 cents a share, got reverse split down to 1 share, received my 99 round up shares today to bring me to 100 shares, and I sold at $6.41. Including commissions, that's a profit of $622.79 in 79 days and and annualized ROI of 25,645%. Unfortunately, these arbitrage plays are getting harder to find. I haven't found any since the first of the year.

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