Wednesday, November 15, 2006

DLCV Reverse Split Just Days Away

This press release from Dolce Ventures indicates their 304.44 for 1 reverse split should be completed on or about November 16. This is the arbitrage play I wrote about earlier. If you are making this play, I would start checking your brokerage account daily. Based on my experiences with Schwab, once the split happens, you'll probably see their ticker symbol, DLCV, in your account replaced by a number. About a week or so later, depending on your brokerage, you should see the new ticker symbol in your account. (I don't know what the new symbol will be, but the new company name will be Sino Gas International Holdings, Inc.) Again, if you own less than 15,222 shares, your shares should not be affected by the reverse split. You may want to call your brokerage's reorganization department to make sure they handle this correctly. It helps to have their SEC Schedule 14C filing in front of you when you call so you can refer the person you are talking to to the official document.

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