Friday, May 5, 2006

House 3: Offer Received

An offer came in last night at around 9 PM. The agent's cover sheet said the buyers fell in love with the house and will work to make the sale happen. I have the house listed at $199,000. They offered $205,000 with me contributing 3% towards the purchase - meaning their offer is really for $198,850. They also want me to pay for the appraisal and home warranty. I'm going to counter back that they pay for the appraisal and warranty. The only drawback to their offer is that the buyers are getting 100% financing, so there is a chance the sale could fall through if they are not approved. I'll have to review the financing disclosure in detail to see their loan status. On the plus side, however, they are putting up a $1,000 earnest money deposit.

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